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Matthew S

HM Residential have been extremely professional with me. They've always been efficient and staff have been helpful in finding me a place to stay

DJ Malik

One of the top letting agencies in my area Ive seen them deal with a varied amount of different customers, some who are rude and demanding yet they still stay calm and get jobs done. Some customers although i have seen are impatient and I applaud them to how they still keep going and manage to keep their customers happen. Obviously mistakes happen but some people are quick to write a review when they are angry but when the issue has been resolved not so quick :/

Keisha Embalo

Very rude and disrespectful staff, unorganised and loud. Scammers and often don't care about their tenants and their inquiries. Property in poor condition. I have called so many times about the dirty carpet that I have been wanting to change since I started living there. The ladies who work there have raised their voices at me and my daughter. poor work ethic. Would give them 0 stars if I could. Would not recommend moving into their property.️

Nate Denton

Great Company. Sorted me a place really fast. Very Friendly. Would highly recommend.

Jay Boyy

What an awful company! We use to live in one of their flats. It was extremely unclean. Broken window, broken cooker, broken furnitures, dirty carpet. Rarely turning up to fix stuff. Rats & slugs everywhere as results of long term uncleanliness.We didn't have much experience in regard to the letting companies. So this particular company took full advantage of us.To those who are looking to do business with this company be aware & avoid if possible.

megan chillmaid

Rented a property through HM Residential for the past 2 years. I have had nothing but positive experiences with all the team on many different occasions. Any issues with the property were dealt with in a timely manner and I received my deposit back a few days after moving out. Very efficient service if you ask me! I would even receive replies to emails out of working hours which is something I've never experienced before from other companies I have rented though. If you're thinking about it I high recommended using this company as you won't be disappointed! Thanks everyone.

Mohammed Ahmed

Very good and professional. Never had any problems with contacting and the girls are always very very helpful.Received my deposit back a couple of days after property inspection. Would happily deal with them again and highly recommend!

Oliver Thomas

I have been into HM residential on numerous occasions and only have good things to say about the staff... the manager greeted me on entry and made me feel comfortable... the two ladies who were sat at there desks were very helpful and discussed in depth what were my best options for renting a house. I would recommend HM residential to any friends looking to rent a property

xSlayezz1 x

Brilliant service, lovely helpful staff could not have done more to help. Deposit returned immediately upon inspection of property. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Shouyong Jiang

I would rate zero if I could. aweful experience and rude staff. It gave me wrong info of the property we rented and tried to ripe off deposit as much as they can. avoid it

Aman Soni

Very bad Experience,,,,,, worst staff members.Manager is really good.They charged me 75£ for late deposit of rentAnd now there are not giving me my security deposit it's been more than 30 days,Now there're saying that they have changed their system for refund , and they're not having my money, their new system does.I don't know why and what there're doing.

Paul Munachimso okereke

Very rude agents

Zarar Iqbal

Excellent service at a great price.I've not had a single issue when dealing with HM Residential, nor have my tenants.They always conduct themselves in a timely and professional manner and take all the hassle out of owning a property to let.I would highly recommended them to anyone.

James Taylor

Well to start with my mum rentout out a property from them and she was 70 years old and blind. When mum firt moved into the property in July 2018 the boiler was leaking and kept losing pressure everyday. I kept phoning up nerly most days sometimes twice in one day to get the boiler fixed for a very long time. A plumber came out and said it was fine. Then he came back out the following day and fixed the pressure. Mind you since he was a plumber surely he would have known it was unsafe to use but oh no he then said again it was safe. Eventually British Gas came out and condemmed the boiler unsafe to use and put a sticker on it which said Do not use DANGER.I took the paperwork to HM Residential on west road Newcastle Upon Tyne they said they would sort this.It never got sorted out from October it since it got condemmed right up until nearly the end of November the whether was frosty and cold at this time now for a 70 year old to be in this position who has health problems and severely blind and has arthritis they waited an awful long time to put a new boiler in.However when the new boiler came it took HM Residentials Plumber 3 days to fit the boiler as he did not have a clue what pipe was for it was absolutely unreal British gas would have done this in a day instead of 3 days to complete.Anyway now that the boiler was fixed mum still had no thermostat for the boiler to turn the heating up and down she had to walk in the kitchen. This was very dangerous as they moved the pipes where the step is leading into the kitchen and was not boxed in at all left totally bare mum was always tripping over it whee she could have easily fell down the back stairs as my.had to use the boiler to turn the heting on and off, by hand as they would not give my mum a handheld dial thermostat for people with disabilities.When they moved the boiler they had to move the socket across this again was not plastered over and had bare outer cable showing through the walls mum could have easily been electrocuted they said they would send a plaster out but no one came out.Mum could not get her wshing machine on as she had to pay for the pipes herself to get the washing machine on so my partner and myself did mum's washing for her.In December my mum paid £260.00 for another part of the or them to put in the Deposit Scheme the young lady put it in n envelope and it was never put into the Deposit Scheme to claim it back and it was not marked on the rent sheet either it has totally disapeard from their office. The only money that is in the Deposit Scheme is only £150.00 the other £260.00has disappeared thieves. NEVER GIVE CASH AS THEY DENY EVER GIVING THEM CASH.98 BILBROUGH GARDENS NE4 8YAPROBLEMS WITH FLATPIPES NEED BOXING IN ON STAIRSTHERMOSTAT FOR BOILER NEEDS REPLACING WHICH YOU HAVE TO PAY YOURSELVES.WASHING MACHINE PIPES NEED SORTED FOR HOT AND COLD WASH BEWARE YOU HAVE YO PAY FOR THEM YOURSELVES YET AGAIN.SOCKETS ON KIRCHEN NEED TO BE PLASTERED.TILES ARE CRACKED IN KITCHENDO NOT TRUST HM RESIDENTIAL AS THEY CON TOU AND DO NOT FIX REPAIRSFLAT IS IN SOME STATE DO NOT TAKE THIS.I HAVE PHOTOS OF ALL REPAIRS AND WILL BE PUTTING THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT HM RESIDENTIAL LETTING AGENCY HOW THEY EXPECTED MY MUM TO LIVE IN AN APPULING AND SHOCKING STATE WBERE NOTHING GETS DONE IN THE END.

Rayhan Elbeera

HM don't even deserves one star ! Very very very rude staff. I have never seen staff like them, all they care is about money.Impolite,unfriendly and Unorganized staff!Even the information they give to you its not true.I feel very disgusted that i had to deal with them.It was my 1st experience and i will NEVER EVER deal with them again.And if you're thinking about renting from them ill give you one advice RUN AWAY !Worst experience ever!

Matt Cariazo

Fantastic customer service. Had a mixup with some payments that they dealt with quickly, professionally, and understandingly.

tony olsen

Amazing service great company

Nathan Kanapotshi

I had a great experience with the staff and service. They were very friendly and informative going beyond and above to help me out. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Tom Whittaker

Awful service. Where to begin!1) Tried to scam us for £300 to get the carpet refitted claiming we had caused stains on it, which had been there before we moved in.2) Took 6 weeks to give us back our deposit, and only after we had chased them up.3) We didn't have electricity for nearly a month which they probably wouldn't have fixed if not for our constant calling and emailing. We ended up having to get the electricians number and sort it ourselves.AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Ian S

Very very very rude staff. Will happily lose their temper with you and hang up the phone if you ask too many questions. They don't work as a team and all with give a different answer/explanation of what is going on.As a potential tenant, i would avoid like the plague. The company is listed under multiple names with the same director. They list under one company on rightmove and another on zoopla. One of which has a dead phone line. Everything about them screams suspicious and potentially a scam. I would also question why their business was nearly struck off at companies house. Someone who deals with paperwork for a living shouldn't make any filing amateur mistakes.For any landlords looking for a cheap agent, also avoid. They are talking to your potential clients as if they own the properties they are letting and couldn't care less. This is potentially costing you money.How these people have stayed in business is beyond me.Also, a number of the 5 star their names and you will find where they work!

Kevin D.A.N

They will try to scam your money but never fix anything. DO NOT USE at any cost.

Sen Serve

Offer personal and genuine advice to all your letting, buying and management needs. Very responsive and offer best advice when it comes to property management matters.

sara choudry

WATCH OUT>> VERY BAD PEOPLE you do not want to get on the wrong side of, but they make it impossible for you not to get into a difficult situation. Terrible experience, threatening owner and staff. Very nice to you when you first meet them, then when they have your money they start to violate property laws to suit them,leaving you feeling weak and lost, they speak to you like you are of no importance. They have a rouge landlords that they will always stick by and will constantly pass the blame to you they are ruining lives. I cannot say too much for obvious reasons, but I hope Karma works on these people, and they are knocked off their high and mighty pedestal. I know of a few great honest estate agents in the area try them before your life is ruined by these people. I have been treat so badly and left without a leg to stand on. There is a man named Zarff he is the worst, watch dog could make a very interesting documentary on these lot

Ali Hammosh

Worst service I have ever seen , don't go there. careless rude staff who's working separately unorganized ill mannered.


HM offers a professional and efficient service for landlords and tenants. Zaffar ensures that the right tenants are suited to your property and ensures that tenants find the right property within timeframes. An excellent service all round. I would not hesistate to recommend them.

Angela Lukic

Very disorganised. When moving into our student property they claimed me and my housemates hadn't completed most of the forms we needed to move in, forcing all of us to dig through our emails to pull up our receipts proving we had (apparently, they had filed our proof in the incorrect place and/or forgotten to update the spreadsheet to say we had handed in specific documents). When time came for us to move out of our student property, it took them a month to return our keys to the landlord which delayed us getting our deposit. Furthermore they're claiming we didn't pay them the first three months rent, requiring us to trawl through our emails to pull out our receipts again. Will never be dealing with them again.


Doesn't even deserve 1 star! Absolutely horrendous customer service, arrogant staff members, unprofessional and downright rude. We had repairs to be done, that were put down in writing and handed to the agency dated 27th February 2017. Not one single repair was done from that list. They neglected to fix any repairs on the property and we're actually rushing us to move out of the property we were in as the landlady was selling the property. They did the same thing to the tenants in the property before us. Would never, ever, ever rent from them again. Would never even recommend them to anyone. Trust me, anyone I speak to will most certainly know what a horrendous and neglectful company they truly are!!


Very good experience, never had a problem with them, when ever we had a problem always had it fixed. Been with them for many years and never had anything to complain about them.

Joshy Mani

HiThey are very rude, call you all sorts of abusive words, as a landlord i am very sad that they call such words to us, the owner and the staff are aggressive and very bad behavior. landlords keep away from them.

Kirsty Young

Been with the company for years never had any issues dealing with Zaff (haven't really dealt with other members of staff so can't comment ) really helpful and gets the issue sorted quickly :)

Hasan Mehmedov

Good staff

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