NatWest Bank
180 London Rd, Hazel Grove, Cheshire, Stockport SK7 4DH, United Kingdom

Steven Ballard

Great staff but always crowded. Always a big queue, even before covid restrictions as most of the other local banks and other Nat West branches have closed.

Andy Finney

Branch have reduced opening hours due to 'customer safety', however this just means there are just the same amount of people needing to go into the branch within a much shorter time period which ultimately means more people in a small confined space which surely has the opposite aim of 'customer safety' when social distancing is of paramount importance !!!!!!!

Mike Mckenzie

Literally useless to the average person. Would be better with a greater range of opening times such as:Mon - 7am - 2pmTues - 10am - 3pmWed - 11am - 7pmThurs - 8am - 1pmFri - 9am - 6pmSat - 10am - 2pmSun - closedThis or some variation would cater to pretty much everyone, like most businesses that serve the public.

Jennifer Edmondson

Unbelievable bad organisation inside.Queues up the A6 today no queuing system inside .I know we are social distancing but really needs organisation.Spoke to people who were 7th in Queue from opening who had been waiting 1 hour shocking .

Emily Taylor

Large modern bank, customer car park at rear which was handy, staff nice enough but long queues almost every time. Be prepared to wait 10 or 15 minutes. Stopped using it because of the time it takes to be served.


29 May 2020 gave up waiting! 21 people in queue outside. Waiting time about 45 minutes.

Karen Hartshorn

Very helpful staff. But the quick drop deposit used to appear in my account by lunchtime but its taking longer each time to go into my account even when its dropped off before 10am I'm still waiting for it to go in at 4pm! Nightmare!!

Dan Broadfoot

Queues are always long. Long waiting times. Access and parking vehicles is not easy in the car park.

Chris Buxton

Dreadful. Long quees always seem to be present everytime you go in. I got so sick of it I closed my account and transferred my business to a rival building society.

Alec Baguley

Nice modern bank with helpful happy staff. Normally easy parking. Better than fighting to visit in the town centre branch!

Ashley Davies

No issues. Just a shame it's a bit of a drive now that they're closing down everywhere, but that's the world we live in; a product of our own shifting behavioural patterns.

Bertoli Fortescue

Tried to open an account. Got told I needed to provide more details. So I came back with the forms as stipulated and they then said no. Don't come here.

Steven Van Dang

Nice bank, has a modern feel to it. Gone at the old glass shielded counters and 1980s look.It's very much open plan, interview rooms to the left, deposit and change sorter to the right, open kiosk style personal bankers in the back.There are 2 out door cash machines on the side street and one indoor machine to the left of the main door.Lots of parking, but often filled with non bank people. About 10 staff, 4-5 customers and 40 cars, ummm..but can usually get a spot to pop in. There are also 3-4 short stay spaces which aren't exclusively for the bank but during the day when the parking attendants are giving out tickets like they are introducing you to their little friend, you can often get a space.

Adrian Kershaw

Very helpful are always welcoming can be very busy at times but that's life que up and stop complaining if it takes a while the staff do there best

Steve Blackshaw

Awful; queues 24 people in front as i entered only 2 tellers working ,my waiting time was 45 minutes to deposit cash (large amount so no way could i post it ). they have closed marple. great moor. and numerous other branches leaving only hazel grove in an area the size of south stockport .this isn`t an isolated incident its everyday long queues and no staff . everyone was saying the same terrible service !!!!

Jo-Anne Moore

Debbie needs to sort out her customer service skills.

Simon_ Says_89

Speaking with over 10 years outstanding customer service experience and from managing staff at Manchester Aiport, I can say with confidence that the staff at this branch are a disgrace to the brand they work for. I went in without my card asking to withdraw 10 pounds from my account, and was met with the condescending response from the staff member "Are you sure, or is that too much?". They then proceeded to crowd round me and my phone like vultures trying to pry my own mobile phone from my hands without even asking politely, and when I told them I thought they were being invasive, she replied bitterly "I'm only trying to HELP you'.Whilst stood in the queue, the only man in the branch at the time was dealing with a family, it was quite a lengthly session they had. However instead of the man taking them in to a private room to discuss it all, it opted to discuss this families finances in full view of the entire bank and its waiting customers, as one of those customer in line, it did feel very awkward.If I was area manager of this branch, I would have very deep concerns about the way its staff conduct themselves, before they lose more customers. Appalling from a bank that serves under RBS - A PUBLICLY OWNED COMPANY!

Yuri Gagarin

Cash machine robbed my money in 1998, these lot set up overdraught which ive still got, now they charge its cost me over £500 in charges i should never have got in first place. Sinful nasty bank AVOID

Kate Stafford

Staff quite happy to blurt out your business rather than deal with banking matters selflessly and prudently. No decorum or respect shown to customers, why put up, when you can simply change banks :)

James Jackson

Always queues to the door and never enough staff on the counters

Alex wetton

Used the hazel grove branch today. They were very helpful and great service

Lee Manton

Queuing can get quite ridiculous and staff seem very disinterested. But I think it's more a sign of the times for banks in general. All as bad as each other...

Garry Mycock

Ian fairweather ...quite a bizarre conversation in branch today regarding old £10 notes. Came out of this today feeling confused, angry and dissatisfied with the service today.Won't return.

Martha Bateson


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2.3 Rating
  • Address:180 London Rd, Hazel Grove, Cheshire, Stockport SK7 4DH, United Kingdom
  • Site:
  • Phone:+44 345 788 8444
  • ATM
  • Bank
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Sunday:9:30AM–4:30PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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